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MD Cost Escalation

The renovation of Miller-Driscoll School has been a topic of discussion and study by multiple steering committees, town boards, architects and contractors since 2006, with concerns about the need for additional pre-school space dating back to 2004.

The project has been part of the town’s Bonded Capital Projects plan since budget preparation in 2005, yet the expansion was not made a priority by the BOS and maintenance was continually deferred as well. This gross mismanagement has resulted in worsening conditions at the school with not only the severity of the deferred maintenance increasing year after year, but the cost as well, due to the significant delay in addressing both the needed repairs and the project as a whole.

The current Miller-Driscoll Building Committee was appointed by the Board of Selectmen in February 2013, held its first meeting May 3, 2013 and at their June 3, 2013 meeting were told that “Due to cost escalation from the time of the 2011 $29M estimate to the start of construction, [First Selectman] Bill Brennan had authorized the Building Committee to use $32M-$35M as the project cost for RFP purposes.”

 The MDBC subsequently executed a renovation plan that has become the most expensive bonded capital project in Wilton’s history, exceeding the amount authorized at the outset of the project by $15M-$18M.

cost escalation chart w detail – md-PROJECT