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MDIn September 2012 an architectural firm was commissioned to do a study of the “Building Envelope” of the Miller-Driscoll school. To view the report see:

Building Envelope Hoffman

This report estimated that the cost to address immediate needs was $495,000. The report specifically excluded an evaluation of the roof and the HVAC system.


Since we believe the MD referendum was not conducted according to CT law, we filed a complaint with the State Election Enforcement Committee (SEEC) which agreed unanimously to investigate.

We subsequently submitted the following addendum’s:

After reviewing the State law on referendums, we realized that the promotional brochure produced by the Building Committee was never approved in accordance with the law. The brochure which cost over $12,000 was used extensively to justify the MD project and never met the requirement for neutrality.

As we continued to collect evidence of failure follow the State referendum law, we were directed to the following Cider Mill Web site by a concerned citizen. We then submitted this information to the SEEC as an addition to our complaint showing illegal advocacy, illegal use of school/town assets and targeting to a specific audience …parents.