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Wilton deserves accurate data

The Miller-Driscoll project is an excellent example of what can happen when Town officials do not perform due diligence and use unsubstantiated claims to promote a capital project or budget.

The most egregious factor in this example is the use of deceptive projected Pre-K enrollment numbers, resulting in:

  • False information presented to the BOE, BOS, MDBC and public.
  • False information used to promote a $50M capital project.
  • False information used to design the MD renovation.
  • False information used in the town’s bond prospectus.

It has become obvious, even to town officials, that the enrollment estimates given were wildly inflated. Wilton is currently constructing a school that will have classrooms that will be empty, excess offices for staff that will not be needed and excess costs in the design due to these unrealistic enrollment estimates. In the last few weeks the First Selectman has expressed her concern based on more realistic enrollment projections and the BOE has admitted that Pre-K Special Education has dropped way below what has been provided in various budgets.

To see the full report:  PreK Enrollment Deception