Bonded Capital Projects Process

In 2007 the Board of Selectman developed a written process to ensure that all capital bonding projects would follow a logical process to ensure that standard accepted accounting procedures would be followed.

The expectation as stated by the First Selectman in his 2008 State of the Town message:

“This written process outlines the sequence of events and approvals required to take a major construction project from concept to completion. Existing projects have been integrated into the new system with the assistance of the Council on Public Facilities. I believe the development of a formal process, guidelines if you will, to more effectively manage the Town and Board of Education’s capital projects, will prove over the long term to have been a major accomplishment”.

In 2011 the above process was incorporated, by reference into:

again reaffirming it’s importance.

This process was not followed in the development of the Miller-Driscoll school renovation project and was declared as “abandoned”.

Sensible Wilton believes it is important that our auditors be made aware Wilton’s not following its  own written processes and the failure to follow accepted accounting principles.