BOS 2_17 meeting on revote

At the BOS meeting to consider a revote based on the petition submitted by Sensible Wilton, the Board of Selectmen rejected the request. If you were unable to attend, a video of the meeting can be seen at:

If you are mainly interested in audience comments they start at minute 38.

For those who spoke in favor of the revote and had documents supporting their position, we have posted them here so you would have the benefit of seeing exactly what was presented to help you make an informed decision on Sensible Wilton’s request for a revote.

Documentation in support of the comments made at the BOS meeting

  • Alex Ruskewich – President of Sensible Wilton – illegal activities in conduct of referendum  Ruskewich talking points
  • Curt Noel – Treasurer – Sensible Wilton
    • CodeRed could have been used to increase voter turnout
    • Sensible Wilton originally pointed out that the makeup of Miller-Driscoll Building Committee did not meet the requirements for membership stated in the Capital Bonded Projects Process approved by the Board of Selectmen. More recently Sensible Wilton discovered that language in the Capital Bonded Projects Process concerning who can be appointed as a member on Town committees comes directly from the highlighted sections of the Town Charter. Town Charter Prohibitions
  • Marianne Gustafson – resident discussed how the Miller-Driscoll Building committee specifically targeted  only a subset of the community in providing information without allowing opponents a chance to provide their views .. in violation of State law.