Key Measures of Growth for Wilton

Budget time is here again. Given the fact that that Wilton property taxes have increased at a rate of 2x the Cost Of Living (COLA) in the last 11 years, it is imperative that we all stand up and say enough is enough. The chart below shows some key measures of growth for Wilton. You can see that educational expenses have grown over 2.9x COLA, and continues to grow in spite of the fact that school enrollments are declining.

This year, the Board of Finance (BoF) gave the Board of Education a guidance number of a reduction of -1.25%. I encourage all of you to contact the BoF showing your support for the reduction. We expect a significant reduction in State aid and will have increased costs due to  the Miller-Driscoll bonding. We cannot afford any increase in our mil rate. The email for the BoF is .

To view the data supporting the above statements, go to:  Key measures growth