Enrollment Down, Budget Up

Since Wilton Public Schools’ peak enrollment in FY09, enrollment has declined by 312
students yet the Board of Education budget has increased more than $12.6M*.

BoE_budget growth_2
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*FY09 BOE actual = $68,289,010    FY17 proposed BOE budget = $80,972.640
FY17 INCREASE over FY09 = $12,683,630

 Total enrollment

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(PDF Enrollment vs BOE budget)


Enrollment Trends

Below you will find the text of an email Sensible Wilton sent to the town BoaMilone MacBroome Elementary enrollmentsrds and Supt. Smith. The link:          It’s Not 2008 Anymore contains the attachment that we provided to support our argument that the existing project plan  is wasteful and ignores the reality of projected enrollment declines. To see a larger version of the Milone & MacBroom chart on the right, click on the chart.

Sensible Wilton continues to believe that a reconfiguring of the existing school, together with the needed improvements would save the Town significant money while still providing an excellent school.


To: Kevin Smith, BOE, BOF


The more we study the current plan for Miller-Driscoll, the more concerned we become. It has become obvious that current realities have not been factored into the project.

An analogy I might use is as follows: A man is driving his new Mercedes on a road at 60 miles an hour. He sees a sign that says “Bridge Out”. He can choose to accept the new reality and change his route, or he can just continue on the road at 60 miles per hour as he always has. Which choice should he make?

In the attachment, Sensible Wilton documents that the Miller-Driscoll project is ignoring realities and is going full speed ahead on a fiscally irresponsible project. We request that the assumptions that are driving the project be revisited based on current realities before we continue with this fiscally unjustified project.

We ask that you discuss the attached information at your next board meeting and, in light of this data, vote on whether or not you believe the current Miller Driscoll project renovation plan is in the best fiscal interest of the Town of Wilton.

Our analysis shows that it is necessary to pause the current, fiscally irresponsible project and develop a more realistic plan.

Sensible Wilton