magnifySensible Wilton is dedicated to advocating transparent and fiscally responsible policies and practices for the town of Wilton, CT.

Established in the summer of 2014, Sensible Wilton was launched out of concern for the Miller-Driscoll School renovation project, which was being promoted without giving taxpayers a financial breakdown or detailed explanation of its estimated cost that had grown from $35M to $50M in 15 months. The project was headed to a referendum vote that September.

When word spread that Sensible Wilton had “arrived,” people from all over town AND out of town (Wilton residents who have second homes elsewhere) reached out in support and to volunteer their time and expertise.

Leading up to the referendum vote, there were several activities by renovation project supporters that were viewed to be in violation of state election laws. In response to those activities, Sensible Wilton filed formal complaints with the Connecticut State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC). Rulings on the complaints are expected at any time.

Additionally, after the referendum vote, Sensible Wilton filed a petition with the Town of Wilton, requesting that the Board of Selectmen call a Special Town Meeting to have a revote because of those election law violations. Discussion of the petition is on the agenda for the BOS’s February 17, 2015 meeting, 7:30pm at Town Hall.

Over 1,100 Wilton registered voters signed that petition—residents and property owners… longtime community members and newcomers… parents of school age children and empty nesters… the employed, unemployed, underemployed and retired… democrats, republicans and independents.

Sensible Wilton does not have any members, except its President, Alex Ruskewich, and its Treasurer, Curtis Noel, but it does have the strong backing of taxpayers who have a vested interest in and concern for the town, its community and its fiscal wellbeing.

If you would like to join the effort in advocating for greater transparency and fiscal responsibility in Wilton, please contact us at sensiblewilton@outlook.com.